How does it work?

Welcome to City Cloud – a cloud computing service from City Network Hosting. City Cloud is the leading cloud computing service in Scandinavia with thousands of users. You can boost your computing power at any time and add disk space or other services that provide full flexibility and allow you to grow on demand. You simply select which operating system or platform you want to work with and you only pay for what you use.

Some of the advantages you get with City Cloud include:

Full Flexibility

  • You can go from a single processor to 100 on the same day – and drop back the next day to a single processor again. You can create ten new servers just for ten hours of tests and then shut them down again.
  • You decide and you choose a platform. Our system handles all equally.
  • You can create servers in a few minutes and remove a server in seconds.


  • Whatever you use, you need not worry about posting fees or paying for anything you do not use. Hwur by hour, you pay for what you use and nothing more.
  • No contracts or minimum contract periods.
  • Pay only for what you use.
  • By reading this page you can see what it costs – there are no hidden costs or mysterious items that make it impossible to work out the final cost.
  • Your system will be more economical due to higher efficiency and good prices.
  • You use the time better when you scale up and down in minutes – not days.
  • You do the environment a favour – making better use of hardware.

Stable, secure and reliable

  • We have built an extremely stable platform along with Dell and Cisco.
  • You can scale like never before when we are responsible for the hardware and continually invest in expansion.
  • We can handle your traffic peaks whether you need 1 Mbps, 100 Mbps or several thousand Mbps for the long haul or just minutes.
  • We have built-in redundancy throughout our systems. This means it is always possible to fall back on other backup systems.
  • City Cloud is backed up by City Network with over 10000 customers and extensive experience in hosting technologies over the last two decades.
  • We use multiple layers of security to deliver the service you need, reliably and securely.

Create an account and have your first server running in under 30 seconds.