L.A.M.P. image updated with latest Ubuntu

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We have updated our official L.A.M.P. image with the latest Ubuntu. Namely, Ubuntu 12.04 64-Bit LTS (Precise Pangolin). This version of Ubuntu is the one that comes with  Long Term Support, which makes perfect sense for a production environment. This also gave us the opportunity to update all the important tools packed into this image, here is a summary of … Read More

Your private cloud storage with OwnCloud

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Thanks to the advent of Cloud Computing we have several services aimed at storing files online. For instance, we could mention DropBox or Google’s Drive. These services allow you to store any type of files remotely and access them on the road, wherever and whenever as long as you have an Internet connection. However, sometimes we would like to have … Read More

Ubuntu 11.10 L.A.M.P. image updated

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We have updated the image named “Ubuntu 11.10 Server 64-bit – L.A.M.P.”, which was previously tagged as beta. The improvements include minor fixes and Virtio/VirtBLK enabled by default, which give you a nice performance boost. You can go ahead and provision this already, on City Cloud.

Installing Ubuntu GNU/Linux from scratch on City Cloud

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Recently we just released a guide to install Debian GNU/Linux from scratch. You can check that guide out, right here. Since Ubuntu is based off Debian, this guide might have some similarities but it’s useful for those of you who have never used Debian before and want to try Ubuntu directly. Without further ado, here you have a step-by-step guide … Read More

How Gamers can use City Cloud servers, part2

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In this article we will show you how to set up a Mumble server on a Virtual Machine in City Cloud. If you need to have a quick tour of the City Cloud service, please watch the following video. We want to show you a quick, simple and most of all a cheap way of having your own Mumble server. … Read More

How Gamers can use City Cloud

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We have an awesome service and the possibilities in the Cloud are huge so we thought that it was time to share some information on how you can use City Cloud for gaming.