New image: WordPress pre-installed and tuned for performance

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WordPress is the software behind one of the most widely used blog platforms. That’s right, it’s an entire platform that is also used to build entire websites due to its flexibility and hundreds of excellent plugins, many of them free. Since WordPress is quite heavy and resource intensive, we have decided to build an image using Nginx instead of Apache, … Read More

New image: L.E.M.P.

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L.A.M.P. is a known acronym that describes a server with GNU/Linux as the operating system, some version of Apache for serving web files, MySQL as the database and PHP for the preferred scripting language. Since performance has entered a privileged place due to overall increased complexity of internet sites, a new acronym has surfaced in recent years: L.E.M.P. The main … Read More

Vertically scaling your virtual server on City Cloud

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Any website on the Internet is subject to a sudden increase of traffic without prior notice. This situation could clog our server if we don’t plan ahead. Until virtualization and cloud computing came around, scaling meant increasing costs, paying for idle time and using a great deal of resources in terms of hardware and manpower. Thankfully, with Infrastructure as a … Read More

New upgrades completed. Even better performance!

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A few hours ago we completed yet another upgrade of the City Cloud environment. This time it was mostly software related and much of the new features and performance enhancements are behind the scenes updates. The management node was inaccessible during the time of the updates but is back online now. In addition to general performance improvement this upgrade also … Read More

City Cloud beats out Amazon EC2 and Rackspace in independent performance test – up to 3 times faster!

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Cloud Harmony is a company that focuses solely on benchmarking the leading cloud providers (IaaS). The goal is to give the public independent data to determine performance metrics and be able to compare the leading providers. Performance is one of the key factors that affect the choice of cloud provider today. However it has long been difficult to easily compare. … Read More

Maintenance work in City Cloud

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The first step of our plan to remove the City Cloud beta stamp is getting close. On Friday the 26th November between 00:30 and 05:30 upgrades of the platform will be made which will cause service downtime. The downtime for each individual VM can vary depending on configuration. During the maintenance window upgrades of both hardware and software will be … Read More