Windows performing better in City Cloud

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So far, our Linux based operating systems in City Cloud have had a slight advantage when it comes to performance. These operating systems have access to a special driver which makes them more integrated in the virtualisation platform which in turn gives them an edge performance vise. We recently insalled the same drivers for Windows so that our customers can … Read More

Fedora Core 15 and new Debian image in App Center!

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As new and updated OS versions reach the market we always make sure to update our supply of images and ISO-files in City Cloud. We recently added two new images to the App Center. Fedora Core 15 64-bit and Debian are now both available in the app center and Fedora Core 15 64-bit is also available as an ISO-file. … Read More

CentOS 6.0 Now available in the App Center

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We continuously update our supply of operating systems in City Cloud and just recently we added CentOS 6.0 to the App Center. Our testing is now all finished and we are happy to present a 3rd version of the popular OS. Cent OS 6.0 will also soon be available as an ISO-file which gives you the possibility you to install … Read More