OwnCloud upgraded to latest version

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OwnCloud is a known service that lets you manage your files on the cloud but in your own private server. As opposed to services like DropBox, Google Drive or SkyDrive that are controlled by third-parties. Read on to see what’s new.

Suse Enterprise now available in City Cloud

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Last week we added two new Suse images to our App Center. In addition to Open Suse you now have the ability to create VM´s running on Suse Enterprise for mission critical applications. Suse Enterprise comes in two versions, with Basic support or Priority Support. The two versions differ in the contact methods allowed, either only by e-mail or both … Read More

New image in our App Center – Windows Server 2012

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We recently added two new images to our App Center – Windows Server 2012, both stand alone and with MS SQL 2012. Both images have been tested during the last weeks and are now available in our App Center. Installing from image is done as usual, choose your image and then your hardware template. The server is created and then … Read More

L.A.M.P. image updated with latest Ubuntu

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We have updated our official L.A.M.P. image with the latest Ubuntu. Namely, Ubuntu 12.04 64-Bit LTS (Precise Pangolin). This version of Ubuntu is the one that comes with  Long Term Support, which makes perfect sense for a production environment. This also gave us the opportunity to update all the important tools packed into this image, here is a summary of … Read More

New image: Joomla! (version 2.5.4)

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A new image is now ready on City Cloud. This time is the turn of a known piece of software called Joomla!. If you are eager to test this, go first to the App Center and provision a server with this template. Then read the rest of the post to follow the instructions to start using it right away.

New image: Minecraft server and some goodies!

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Our cloud computing platform is really flexible. It allows us to offer all kinds of operating systems and pre-packaged software. We have already added some interesting options, such as Windows and MS-SQL, Nginx/Ruby/Rails and L.A.M.P. This time we wanted to go further and be a little whimsical, let’s have some fun, why not? So, without further ado, we present you … Read More

New images on City Cloud. This time with something extra.

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Since City Cloud got out of beta, a couple of years ago, we have been steadily adding images and upgrading when necessary. We have added quite a few options in terms of operating systems, we currently have Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Gentoo, Fedora Core, Red Hat Enterprise, FreeBSD and Windows 2008 server. Images allow you to setup a new VM and … Read More