New image: WordPress pre-installed and tuned for performance

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WordPress is the software behind one of the most widely used blog platforms. That’s right, it’s an entire platform that is also used to build entire websites due to its flexibility and hundreds of excellent plugins, many of them free. Since WordPress is quite heavy and resource intensive, we have decided to build an image using Nginx instead of Apache, … Read More

New Image: Magento eCommerce platform

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If you are a business owner that works in the retail industry, you have probably dealt with things like inventory, stock, providers, supply chain and everything related to selling products directly to costumers. Moving all of that into the web is a logical step. Internet is the ultimate shop window and sooner or later, every business must face this decision. … Read More

Installing Debian GNU/Linux from Scratch on City Cloud

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Setting up a new virtual machine on City Cloud is fairly easy. Once you have your account, you just go to the App Center on our control panel and select the operating system you’d like to install. We have many flavors of Windows, Linux and even FreeBSD. These server templates give you the base install with everything ready to go … Read More

Fedora Core 15 and new Debian image in App Center!

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As new and updated OS versions reach the market we always make sure to update our supply of images and ISO-files in City Cloud. We recently added two new images to the App Center. Fedora Core 15 64-bit and Debian are now both available in the app center and Fedora Core 15 64-bit is also available as an ISO-file. … Read More