City Cloud nominated Best Cloud Service by EuroCloud

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City Cloud was the first Scandinavian cloud computing service to compete with Amazon EC2 already in 2009. City Cloud has continuously improved and with its 500 corporate customers it is one of the leading cloud computing services in Europe. Today City Cloud got yet another confirmation on the affect it is having on companies in Europe. The leading European cloud … Read More

New upgrades completed. Even better performance!

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A few hours ago we completed yet another upgrade of the City Cloud environment. This time it was mostly software related and much of the new features and performance enhancements are behind the scenes updates. The management node was inaccessible during the time of the updates but is back online now. In addition to general performance improvement this upgrade also … Read More

Amazon EC2 goes down and takes major sites off line – can cloud computing be trusted? What to do now?

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At about 1 AM pacific time Wednesday the 21st of April Amazon AWS – Cloud Computing started having performance issues that escalated to something that has taken down lots of major sites down including reddit, Quora, Foursquare and Hootsuite to mention a few. At City Network we use Co-Tweet as our preferred Twitter app. Co-Tweet was also down for more … Read More

Embrace the cloud: Cut costs, desktop in the cloud!

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With the Microsoft 2008 VM you can easily set ut cheap desktops in the cloud using Microsoft Terminal Services(TS). This way you can cut your hardware and administration costs. Due to the nature of Terminal Services this solution is mostly targeted at businesses with much administration work, like accountants and secretaries. TS is a way of providing users with their … Read More

City Network launches Service Provider Program

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City Cloud is Scandinavias leading cloud computing service (IaaS) where more than 500 companies signed up during the beta phase. Today City Cloud is growing rapidly with companies utilizing it for all or parts of their hosting. To be able to give corporations the full foundation to best utilize cloud computing and its benefits – City Network is launching a … Read More

City Cloud leaving Beta!

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15 months after the launch of City Cloud we are finally ready to leave beta. It has been a long journey and we have learned, adopted and developed a great service. We are ready, are you? City Cloud is being used by more than 500 Swedish companies at the moment. These companies all have one thing in common; They all … Read More

FreeBSD finally available in City Cloud!

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Many of our users have asked us to add FreeBSD in City Cloud and we have now provided! FreeBSD is available both in the App Center as a pre-installed image and as an ISO-file which you can install yourself. Ofcourse we have added the latest version, 8.1, and now we cover just about all of the most commonly known operating … Read More