Monitoring your websites with Apica WebPerformance

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In this day and age, having your website up at all times has become a necessity. A requirement for any company, small or large. Suppose you already have redundancy systems in place, the system would not be complete if you don’t have a way to tell when the site has went down. That’s why we have monitoring tools of all … Read More

Apica LoadTest – A sample testing session

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On our previous Apica article, we talked about the control panel and how easy it’s to start firing tests against any given server. Today, we are going to give you an example of a simple procedure to test three web servers, on different situations. And albeit this is not an exhaustive test, it could be useful as a starting point … Read More

Load Testing and Apica

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Picture this situation, you are a professional in any given line of work. You just have your website, web aplication or system backend ready for deployment. After many months of hard work, the system is ready to be installed on remote servers and start receiving visits from potential customers or just users browsing through your community and offerings. You did … Read More