Dedicated Servers

Managed Infrastructure is all about peace of mind and comfort in knowing that infrastructure experts look out for your company’s most critical assets at all times. It keeps you and your staff focused on innovating and growing your business while we make sure that your infrastructure is secure and at optimal performance.

Dedicated servers are powerful servers you rent from City Network. You can focus on your business area and don’t have to worry about the server, traffic and more. The server is owned by us, City Network, and we have full responsibility for the hardware as well as you can reach the server you rent from outside.

It is up to you to decide what the server will be used for and what software you are using. We install the operating system and you take over from there.

Possible areas of use

Works excellent as a web server. Great in serving dynamic pages via PHP to MySQL or ASP.NET to MSSQL. Powerful and great value!

RAID is standard at City Network and even for the smallest server you get two hard disks where your data is mirrored through RAID 1. It gives you complete peace of mind. You get monthly generous transfer 1000 GB per month and access to most websites without worrying about additional cost.

Servers are located in monitored data centers with UPS, power diesel generators and multiple redundant Internet connections.

All prices are without tax.


Detailed specification
Price (excluding VAT)
Setup fee $0
Monthly cost $141
Server DELL Power Edge R230
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1220v5 (3.0GHz, 4C/8T, 8M Cache)
Memory 8 GB
Hard Drive 2 x 500GB SATA 7.2k 3.5″ HD Cabled
Remote reboot Yes, iDRAC8 Enterprise
Memory max 64 GB
Max hard disks 2
Operating system Optionally, for example CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu. Windows or other licensed operating systems can be purchased.
Network card 2 x 1000/100
Data transfer 1000 GB/monthly
IP addresses 1
Additional services
Service Setup fee Monthly cost
Managed Hosting $0 $98
Backup with OnlineBackup $0 $7.7/server, $0.20/GB
Shared Firewall $0 $12
NOD 32 antivirus $0 $6.6
Additional IP address $0 $1.30
Monitoring with E-mail alerts $0 $12
Monitoring with SMS alerts $0 $24
Transfer 500 GB/monthly $0 $18.6
Technical support during office hours $119/h $0
Technical support after hours $196/h $119
Red Hat $0 $48
Windows 2016 Standard $0 $6 (per month per 2 cores)
Windows 2016 Data Center $0 $32 (per month per 2 cores)
Windows 2012 Standard $0 $19 (per month per socket)
Windows 2012 Data Center $0 $119 (per month per socket)
Windows 2008 Web edition $0 $19 (per month per socket)
Windows 2008 Data Center $0 $119 (per month per socket)
MSSQL 2012 Web Edition $0 $7 (per month per socket)
MSSQL 2012 Standard Edition $0 $87 (per month per socket)
MSSQL 2012 Enterprise $0 $310 (per month per socket)
MSSQL 2008 Web Edition $0 $7 (per month per socket)
MSSQL 2008 Standard Edition $0 $119 (per month per socket)
Plus package 1
Service Monthly cost
Managed Hosting $98 /monthly without tax
Plus package 2
Service Monthly cost
8 GB additional RAM-memory $16 /monthly without tax

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