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City Credits are what you buy in order to use our services. Think of them like a currency.

Cloud infrastructure, distributed storage, professional education: open platforms matter.

If you’re architecting a data center, deploying a storage platform, or providing an environment for people to train and learn on, locking yourself into proprietary technology is not an option.

We believe in open technology, open innovation, and open learning. We build open solutions, and we help you build them.

City Credits are what you buy in order to use our services. Think of them like a currency.

All of our Professional Services have a price in City Credits. That makes credits enormously flexible: whether you want to engage us for quick remote help, or an on-site training workshop, or multi-week consulting — you just buy as many City Credits as you need.

City Credits scale as your needs scale: our attractive discount model ensures that as you buy more, the price per credit drops significantly. But if a tiny credit package is what you need, we have that in store too. You can buy as few as 6, equivalent to one hour of remote consulting.

City Credits

Discounts are not limited to a specific type of service. Say you're booking on-site consulting combined with classroom training, and both combined put your number of purchased credits in the 80+ bracket, you're eligible for a 15% discount on everything!

Additional discounts are available for non-profit and charitable organizations. Please contact us for details.

Credits on order Volume discount Ideal for
Less than 20 N/A Quick help!
20-39 5% Availability Checkup, Open-Enrollment Training (single attendee)
40-79 10% 1 day On-Site Consulting
80-159 15% Customized Multi-Day On-Site Training
160-319 20% 1 week On-Site Consulting, Open-Enrollment Training (multiple attendees)
320-639 25% Complex projects, OEM Consulting
More than 640 30% Long-Term Partnership

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