Managed hosting

Managed hosting is a service where we step in and take charge of all maintenance of your servers. It allows you to focus on what you do best and sleep better at night knowing your machine is patched and constantly monitored for weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Why Managed?

It is extremely time consuming to stay updated on new software releases, patching and general security aspects of a server.

With Managed Hosting from City Network you get proactive reports on all the stuff that matters to you and your server environment. We provide security reports and our technicians are always up to date with the latest software updates to make sure that you can make the best decisions. Not only that, we can do the work for you, if you want us to. We spend up to 3 hours of work on each machine connected to our managed hosting service, each month.

This means that you can stay up to date with the status of your servers and together with our competent team, you can schedule ny kind of work that you need help with.

Advanced security report

Our unique report will scan you server as often as you like. Normally we recommend no less than monthly. When we have scanned your server, we send a report with details about your server. It could be anything from ports that we feel should be closed to security patches and updates that we recommend should be installed.

Can I order any kind of work?

Yes! you spend your three hours per month as you wish. We recommend that focus should be on making your servers as secure and stable as possible but you can schedule your three hours of included work as you wish.

What is included?

3 hours (non accumulative) of work each month.

Can be used for

  • Application troubleshooting
  • Application updates
  • OS troubleshooting
  • OS upgrades
  • OS updates
  • OS patching
  • Monitoring
  • Managed backup

Discount on extra hours

  • 20% discount on extra paid support/extra hours


€90 per month per server


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