Our infrastructure

We are constantly working on security and stability

We have created an optimal environment for hosting operations. We own and operate the data center, which means no third parties are involved in operations in any way. Below we list some points that we think may be useful for our customers to know.

Secure and flexible platform

Enomaly provide the software that is the heart of City Cloud. They are one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to cloud computing platforms. They employ some of the biggest names in this field, not only to develop the best solution which offers scalability and redundancy, but also the most secure. City Network has chosen Enomaly for their knowledge in security and vast experience in cloud computing operations.

Multiple redundant Internet connections

At all times we have no less than three different Internet service providers delivering bandwidth at our data centers. They are connected in a redundant way to nodes with different geographic locations. Providers’ fiber cables are linked to our facilities through different routes to ensure that no excavator could possibly dig near all the cables at one time. Using BGP we make sure all lines but one could actually be cut and yet not affect us or our customers. We purchase enough band width from each carrier to fully cover all data needs via each and every one. With the separate paths this is highly unlikely to happen but yet another way to secure your up-time and our 100% up-time guarantee. With our own in-house expertise on BGP and routing we can make sure you get the fastest possible Internet access and have access to several gigabits per second taking the correct and fastest routes.


In addition to UPS systems that immediately take over in case of power failure, if there is an extended power outage, diesel generators takes over. Through agreements with suppliers of gas, we can run the data center on diesel indefinitely. Of course, the diesel generators are dimensioned to operate not only the servers but also other critical systems such as our cooling systems. Whatever the length of the blackout, your services will always work properly.

Buildings and climate

Our data center is located in a converted bank vault. This means that it is below ground, with walls and ceilings almost two meters thick (6 feet). It is designed to prevent any and all unauthorized access. We have security doors with a number of intrusion prevention devices and strict rules for how our employees have access to the center and individual servers. Anyone with access has a card and code and all activity is logged and saved. The data center is equipped with numerous surveillance cameras that continuously register movements and other events in our premises. In addition to this, we engage a security firm that walks the premises for an additional layer of security.

The climate is regulated continuously to ensure optimal performance and longevity of each server. Of course, there are systems that also monitor everything from humidity to the temperature in a large number of measuring points in the center. Our so-called “HVAC” system (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is N +1 redundant.

Routers and peripherals

Only fully redundant router systems and network equipment is used. With minimum gigabit network and routers – we ensure no bottlenecks. Core network uses 10 gigabit speed.


We take our environment very seriously. We only run with electricity from wind power, and in addition we have invested several million dollars to make the most effective use of the resources we have in a state of the art data center. We use free cooling, which means that during winter months the natural cold is used in the best possible way to be as friendly to the environment as possible and also keep cost down.


Last but not least we have an extremely well experienced staff who always manage and take care of your servers. This is obviously a prerequisite for providing you the best possible service and solution. You can always pick up the phone and talk to a knowledgeable person at City Cloud and City Network Hosting.