Partner Program

One partnership – Many incentives

At City Network we focus on enabling growth, availability and compliance on a global scale through our innovative IT infrastructure solutions.

By partnering with us you get full access to City Cloud, our public cloud solution with a global presence to call your own. Take advantage of our established expertise in OpenStack and compliance, and benefit from financial incentives, training and marketing opportunities to grow your business across the globe.

Resell City Cloud

Claim ownership of the entire deal with a global, public cloud to call your own.

City Cloud is a leading IaaS based on OpenStack and is available in 8 regions across the globe. City Cloud resellers vary in size and do business in many different markets but typically have one thing in common – they leave the task of building and maintaining a global cloud to the experts.

City Cloud resellers pride themselves in being able to offer, not only their own products and services, but also the underlying infrastructure.

Get Training

Give your organisation and your customers the competitive edge.

Building an OpenStack-based IaaS on a global scale demands a whole set of resources. The knowledge of our IT infrastructure experts and our company’s vast experience in building public, private, compliant and hybrid cloud solutions is what we offert to our partners.

Let us become your source of cloud, compliance and infrastructure knowledge and guide you and your customers through the cloud adoption journey.

Provide Solutions

IT infrastructure is the backbone of almost any IT company. Being that crucial provider comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Our customers put their trust, not only in our services but also in our competence and judgement. They often turn to us for help and guidance when investigating new technologies, solutions and resources to go hand in hand with their existing IT infrastructure.

Our main task is to take care of our customers and we do so by only partnering with reliable and trustworthy solution providers.

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Partners and cases

Tieto DevOps Space (TDS) is a self-service for DevOps tooling containing general Project as well as Development, Test, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment tools and environments. Tieto DevOps Space is available as a public Cloud service hosted on CityCloud.

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