We deliver an OpenStack interface that makes setting your environment up and administrating it a breeze. We have built the underlying hardware and global network to make sure you can control it all with a click. Setup networks world wide and move servers between data centers with a click. Load balance over multiple data centers in minutes and allow users access to resrouces they truly need. Ease of use does not only save frustration but saves you money by not forcing you to spend extra time.

  • Extreme performance

    2-7 X AWS! Read how City Cloud outperforms both Azure and AWS in IDGs Techworld test!
  • Multiple locations

    Build your infrastructure over multiple data centers seamlessly. Store data where you need it.
  • OpenStack APIs

    Enjoy full access to OpenStacks API and manage your environment the way you want to.
  • Scale with ease

    Built in load balancers allows you to scale over multiple locations in minutes.
  • Better value

    Free IOPS, data transfer, networks and more in each account every month!
  • Simple to use control panel

    We built the City Cloud control panel for ease of use! All using OpenStack APIs of course.
  • True flexibility

    Need a machine in London today? Move it to Stockholm in minutes with a click tomorow. Same with disks.
  • Low latency network

    Each data center connected via low latency private networks. Multiple Tier 1 ISPs.
  • One platform - One world

    Deploy in any of our data centers from the same interface. No need to learn new things because you deploy to a different nation.
  • Compliance

    Store your data where need. Move your data or servers with a click should laws require.
  • No vendor lock-in!

    We believe in earning your trust, not locking you in. Move in or out as you please.
  • Private networking

    Create as many private networks as you need. Also over multiple data centers.

City Cloud OpenStack control panel

Using the City Cloud OpenStack control panel is just like having your own, virtual datacenter in multiple locations. Creating and managing your servers is a breeze and you always know your accumulated and estimated cost.
  • Create and manage
    After creating a server you can easily change the hardware profile to fit your needs.
  • Networks
    Manage your networks and floating IP-adresses and connect them to any virtual server within your City Cloud zone.
  • Volumes
    Create pure storage volumes or connect volumes to virtual machines. You can even move volumes between data centers.
  • API
    Build straight on the OpenStack Native API or to the City Cloud API. We provide both for ease of use.


  • High availability

    With multiple City Cloud nodes in different cities you can build and maintain a fully redundant infrastructure. All our state-of-the-art data centres provide space, power and cooling with reliability and performance that goes beyond industry standards.
  • Data protection

    All virtual servers in the City Cloud platform are fully virtualized. This gives the platform an unmatched separation since kernels are not shared between servers. Our storage nodes are systematically separated and can not be accessed by any one other than the server owner. In addition, the City Cloud platform has a disaster recovery system for internal use in case of data loss caused by City Cloud.