Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) from City Network

These days employees count on being able to reach their data from any device where ever they are. By optimizing companies’ investment in hardware for end users, as well as enabling centralized distribution of updates and patches, DaaS from City Network will save both time and money for any organization.

Desktop as a Service is now available for all users of City Networks IaaS City Cloud. Companies can now ensure that corporate information is stored in a location of their preference, regardless of where the user is located at the moment. Each customer get a customized solution based on their needs. The service supports a number of platforms from start, among them iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and BlackBerryOS 10.

Desktop as a Service is purchased based on the customers specific needs. The price range is between $10-$20 per month and desktop depending on graphics performance for each user.


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