City Network rents out space for servers and communications equipment. When an order of our co-location is made, we put your servers in our data center. We currently have three internet providers with redundant access points. Power supply with UPS and backup power through diesel generators ensures your power supply. Learn more about our guarantees on the Service Level Agreement page.

We guarantee 100% network, power and broadband uptime. Obviously you also get access to our customer support that will help you with any questions via telephone and email or chat.

A rack is 19 inches wide and 42 units high where one unit is 1.75 inches. We also sell complete racks or half racks.

Contact us for offer and pricing or if you have any questions.


Setup fee 0 EUR
Monthly cost 1RU 69 EUR
Monthly cost 2RU 129 EUR
Monthly cost 4RU 179 EUR


Mounting Rack
Extra height Every extra RU,
59 EUR/monthly


Traffic 1000 GB/month
IP-adresses 2 included
Extra IP-adresses 1 EUR/month
Private Network Additional service