City Network launches Service Provider Program

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City Cloud is Scandinavias leading cloud computing service (IaaS) where more than 500 companies signed up during the beta phase. Today City Cloud is growing rapidly with companies utilizing it for all or parts of their hosting. To be able to give corporations the full foundation to best utilize cloud computing and its benefits – City Network is launching a … Read More

City Cloud leaving Beta!

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15 months after the launch of City Cloud we are finally ready to leave beta. It has been a long journey and we have learned, adopted and developed a great service. We are ready, are you? City Cloud is being used by more than 500 Swedish companies at the moment. These companies all have one thing in common; They all … Read More

Up to 2 TB disk drives

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Each account in City Cloud used to give our users the ability to create and use up to 16 virtual machines which in total could have: -16 processorer -16GB RAM-minne -700GB diskutrymme In addition to the system disk which is 20-50 GB depending on OS – each VM could only have 300 GB extra disk storage. After the update this … Read More

Embrace the Cloud: Weather, Cloudy!

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As most of us who are actively involved or interested in the Internet have seen, the fancy buzzword "cloud" is used more and more frequently and in a wider and wider context. There are miles of written text about different clouds and definitions on what the cloud is, and the truth to be told; there is no really good definition … Read More